Wilderness Graphical Update

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:40:03 Views: 340

Lots of interesting stuff going on over at Runescape. They've put up the newest batch of Readers' Letters, Pure Essence is now craftable on free servers, and they have also given us the Wildreness Graphical Update and some info on that. To read more on Runescape, 

Wilderness Update

We are continuing to improve the graphical look of our older areas of map to bring them up to the same standards as the new areas we've been developing. RuneScape gold. This week we've updated the graphics throughout the Wilderness, so if you're feeling particularly brave, check out the new lava areas, castles and an extremely fiery volcano.

To help you get around all of this, we've also introduced some new teleportation portals. The portals act as a new way of travelling around the Wilderness, but be careful: Once they're activated, there will be a short pause after which everyone in the immediate area will be transported to another portal, so don't rely on them to get you out of trouble. You may find that trouble follows you through... and you might end up in a higher level of Wilderness!

Battle Tortoises

The ingenious gnomes are continuing to come up with new ways to battle the Khazard troops. Now they've started breeding battle tortoises at the Stronghold. These armoured tanks, mounted by gnomic magi and rangers, are sure to be quite a challenge for General Khazard and his troops. They've already trundled some of them out onto the battlefield south-west of Ardougne.