Wilderness & Free Trade Return

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:38:02 Views: 499

Jagex has announced that both the Wilderness and Free Trade have been returned to RuneScape. Developers indicate that players will now be able to give gifts to their friends, have access to unrestricted trade, and take part in the most dangerous sport in the whole of RuneScape: Wild PKing! In addition, the dev team will be introducing several other updates in February including a graphical overhaul of gnomes and reshaping the pottery making system. RuneScape gold.

Other changes brought in with the return of the Wilderness and free trade includes:

  • The new, revenant-filled Forinthry Dungeon, where the revenants drop all the unique PvP gear previously found on the PvP and Bounty Hunter Worlds.
  • Limitless staking for members.
  • Improved Chaos Elemental drops (and a chaotic new look).
  • Faster respawn times on the Wilderness runite rocks.
  • Unlimited party room drops.
  • Outside of the Wilderness, gravestones will have their timers increased, and repair/bless costs will be reduced to 0.