Update, Updates and more Updates

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:38:02 Views: 322

A bumper update week this week, starting with the arrival of a new visitor to the Wilderness. This strange cloud is said to affect nearby enemies in various strange ways – so be even more prepared for the unexpected than you were before. RuneScape gold. Please do remember that this evil menace is located deep in the multi-way wilderness, so care must be taken. Don't take anything you're not prepared to lose. We can confirm that this Chaos Elemental carries a few of the legendary Dragon 2-handed swords, but don't expect an easy fight. The blade has also been seen being carried down to the Kalphite lair, so if you're really really lucky, you might find one down there.

Any players being assigned Killerwatts by their local slayer master should enquire with Professor Oddenstein in Draynor Manor. He's been tinkering with that strange machine again, and this time he's torn a rift through the very fabric of space to a very shocking place indeed. If you are planning on investigating this new plane, make sure you are properly equipped before you go.

Also this week we bring you new treasure trails to spice up the trim-seeking, hat-hunting adventurer's life. These trails will take you to a wide variety of new locations and test your brain once more. Look out for new rewards too, including gnomic firelighters, trimmed ranger and mage gear and heraldic shields.

Those of you logging into the Asgarnian region will also notice quite a change. As part of our commitment to improving the graphical feel of the game, we bring you the next phase of our area improvement scheme. This time we focus on the White Knight Castle, Falador, the Barbarian Village, the Dark Wizards' Tower and Draynor Manor (oooooh, spooky). We hope you like it.

Finally, players will now be able to roast Chompy birds and rabbits where they like with the new mobile spit, and keen chefs can now create a new range of healthy stat-boosting pies, including the Vegetable Pie (+3 farming), the Admiral Pie (+5 fishing), and the Mud Pie, which can be thrown at your enemies to slow them down! Dig out your pie dishes and bake until you're blue in the face! Mmmm, pie.

We also bring you a new random event, so keep an eye open for a new member of the Pete family and his mysteriously extinguishing candles.

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