T.S. Church Interview

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T.S. Church has fulfilled many a role-player's dream by taking a story surrounding an in-game character and turning it into a published novel based in the RuneScape universe. RuneScape gold. MMORPG.com'sby Travis recently had the opportunity to speak with T.S. Church and spent time discussing RuneScape's Betrayal at Falador and the upcoming Return to Canifis. Check it out and then check out the books at your local library! Leave us a comment or two below while you're at it.

    What prompted you to write Betrayal at Falador?

    I played RuneScape for about six months or so before I got killed in game -- or thought I had (by one of the Kinshra). I forgot that my character was wearing a ring of life and found myself in Falador, and I suddenly thought that would actually make a very interesting start to a book.