The Gower Quest Honors Original Creators

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:40:03 Views: 317

Fifteen years ago, the Gower brothers (Andrew, Paul & Ian) created RuneScape. With today's update, they, in a sense, return to the game in a new quest line called the "Gower Quest". Players are looking into the mysterious disappearance of cabbage mages and provides a lot of "inside jokes" and vintage RuneScape nods.

A free-to-play quest that enables the broadest range of players to experience the adventure and celebrate the game's past and future successes, Gower Quest will take players through cabbage fields and beyond as they experience a tale that will warm the very cockles of their hearts. RuneScape gold. Featuring new rewards, including a brand new god sword forged in the name of the cabbage god, Brassica Prime, Gower Quest is like no other RuneScape quest!