Second Annual Jagex Cup Clan Tournament Announced

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:38:02 Views: 653

Jagex recently announced details on Runescape's second annual Jagex Cup clan tournament. The tournament consists of three separate competitions, the Combat Cup, the Skilling Cup, and the Combined Cup. RuneScape gold. Over 500 clans participated in last year's inaugural tournament, and Jagex expects even higher turnout this year, especially given the fact that Jagex is offering even sweeter prizes this year, such as an in-game commemoration plaque or even real world prizes including Jagex swag, lifetime memberships to Runescape, and probably the coolest of all, a trip out to Jagex to tour the studio.

If you want to register your clan for the tournament you'd better hurry as registration ends tomorrow! The Jagex Cup is set to kick off this coming Monday, June 28th, with winners of the Grand Finals and The Big Ticket to be announced on August 7th and 8th respectively.