RuneScape ushers in 13th anniversary with player-led development

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:47:52 Views: 287
Saying that he was proud of Jagex is efforts in 2013 but admitting that the team fell short of accomplishing all of its goals, RuneScape Lead Developer Mod Mark promised that 2014 would give more power to the players. ""This year, we want the focus on the things that make us special,"" he said in an annoucement video, ""and to find new ways to use our best asset of all and the thing that we are most proud of: you, the community."" As such, Mod Mark said that the community will be the guiding force behind the game is 2014 development with weekly in-game content polls addressing quests, suggestions, and high-level development. The first poll in January will be on whether the invention system or the Elf city should get priority development. Unfortunately a poll option to fire an orbital cannon at said Elf city once construction is completed will not exist. RuneScape turns 13 years old tomorrow, but you can get the advance scoop for the year is activities in the video after the break.