RuneScape: Calling Upon All Superheroes

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:47:52 Views: 351
While September might not be everyone is favorite month, it certainly seems to be giving Jagex, the developers behind RuneScape, a buzz. Logging into the roleplaying game will now present you with a new challenge every day, throughout the entire month. This lengthy event called Super September gives every adventurer the opportunity to grind out loyalty points, experience and other fancy rewards. Care for an example? Well, the most coveted possession of all is the superhero outfit, hands down. You will have to reach certain milestones to unlock it and stock up on superhuman powers, a special title and a claw weapon. Each challenge will pose a unique challenge for the community. At least that is what the team behind Super September claims. Exploring the magical lands of RuneScape alone wonot turn you into a superhero, but mastering certain skills, nomming (aka nibbling) on some food and gathering resources will. Remember that every mission will only be available the day it goes live and has to be completed before midnight.