Runescape : Who is the ""Average Gamer""?

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:50:38 Views: 301
During the recent Runescape fan gathering, a London photographer took pictures of players and fans to create a composite ""face of UK gaming"". In addition, Jagex surveyed over a thousand attendees and created a profile of the ""average gamer"". Cambridge-based games studio Jagex created a profile of the ""Average Gamer"" from a survey of over 1,000 gamers and it appears that, contrary to the stereotype of sweaty nerds with no social life, being a gamer in 2014 means life is pretty good: 55% of gamers are in relationships, compared to the UK average of 30% 37% of gamers are in full-time employment, compared to the UK average of 30% 27% of gamers met their partners offline, e.g. via school or work 70% of gamers earn at least £20,000 ($33,500 USD) per year, earning more than bank clerks, with close to 40% earning over £40,000 ($67,000), more than police officers 70% of gamers have bought housing, compared to 14% of Brits renting 34% of gamers live in the South and East of England, the most desirable area to live in the UK 36% of gamers go on at least one vacation abroad each year, while only 21% of Brits see it as a necessary expense Almost a third of gamers have two cars per household, more than the average 12 cars per 10 British households 18% gamers are women 34% of gamers are 35 and over Almost half of all players consider themselves casual gamers, while over 1.6 million (.03%) of the UK claim they are closet gamer