Runescape : Update Information

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:50:38 Views: 551
The Runescape team has sent out the latest ""Behind the Scenes"" peek at updates scheduled to be implemented in the near future. March will see the implementation of the Elemental Workshop IV quest and the Artisan’s Workshop, an update to the Smithing skill. Additionally, March will feature a double XP weekend, Ring of Wealth improvements, graphical updates to Trollheim and a new pirate quest. Clockwork Syringe Barrelchests! You scabbed Captain Donnie is picket line and stitched up Mi-Gor is harebrained scheme, so those two are teaming up with a third of Rabid Jack is hench-captains – a mechanic whO is going to ‘fix the problems’ (and the problem is you!).. They have got a plan so dastardly that they are gonna get away with it too, unless some meddling adventurer cares to step in. Prepare for what may be the craziest pirate quest yet with home insurance claims, a hazing interrogation,long drops, vengeful seagulls, Barrel Busters and a boatload of zombio-mechanical madness. (Note: no kittens were harmed in the development of this quest.) It will be the first quest with a Dungeoneering requirement (of level 50); other requirements include Construction, Defence, Slayer, Smithing , Summoning and Thieving in the 60-75 range.