Runescape : Summer Member Benefits

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:50:38 Views: 370
The RuneScape team has laid out some sweet details for players in honor of summer. The event kicks off in August and runs through September. Players who are members for every day in each of those months will score things such as 350k XP in August, 700k XO in September, free daily Squeal of Fortune bonus spins and more. Members will be able to enjoy all that the summer has to offer with additional XP and spins, but the benefits donot stop there. An exclusive set of nine new avatar customisation items, including a 5-piece “Tropical Islander” outfit, extra head & cape accessories, a new character title and even a wild ‘Crab Transformation Dance emote have been specially commissioned to ensure your avatar enjoys the summer party as much as you do.