Runescape : New Voyages for Player-Owned Ports Arrive in Game

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:38:31 Views: 460
RuneScape players with a governmental bent will want to check out the latest game update that is packed with new voyages in the Shield and Loop regions, new recruit opportunities, recipes and more. Launching late 2012, Player Owned Ports have allowed players to take full control of running their very own harbour by recruiting crew members and outfitting ships to explore the Eastern Lands. Ships adventure in real time, before bringing back tales of their exploits and – all being well – a cargo full of exotic treasure! Today is update sees the addition of over 300 new voyages which can be made to the recently discovered Shield and Loop regions as well as 3 new adventurers to recruit– the Trapper, the Architect and the Chef, and a whole host of rewards including recipes for new high level equipment and the resources to create them. A shady looking trader has also set up shop in the port, who is willing to trade port resources for trade goods – for a price of course!