Runescape : New Guild

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:38:31 Views: 426
Harrallak Menarous, warrior and swordsmaster, has been away exploring far-off lands. Now he is returned, he has formed a guild west of Burthorpe to train warriors in the arts of fighting. For this training, Harrallak has gathered some unusual people with their own ideas of what makes a warrior - including an ex-Black Knight, a warrior mage and an educated barbarian woman with a fondness for bad puns. Minigames around the guild prove whether you can defeat your own animated armour, test how far you can throw the shot and let you be the target for an angry dwarf with a catapult! These minigames will allow you to earn some training time in a cage with the creatures Harrallak discovered on his trip. If you are lucky, you might even get one to drop a new blade that you can use in place of a shield! In between balancing barrels, whacking dummies and being hit by anvils, you can find shops and a bank here to replenish your supplies. To enter the Warriors Guild, you will need a total of 130 combined attack and strength. Bear in mind that if you die whilst there, you will lose your items!