Runescape : Magic Interface Additions

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:01:59 Views: 296

Continuing their year of the upgrade, the folks at Runescape have posted about a number of minor but helpful changes to the magic interface as well as a few other modifications.

Have you ever wanted to teleport to a location you haven't been to for a while, only to find yourself looking through every icon to find the one you need? Our latest upgrade will put an end to this.RuneScape gold. The magic interface has a new feature that will enable you arrange your spells by category, and display either combat spells or teleport spells at the top of the interface. The default order will be the current, level-based one. This applies to all magic spell books.

The "you are here" button will now mark where you are on the world map, which you can open by clicking on the globe next to the minimap in the top-right-hand corner. This should make it easier for you to plan your journeys, as you'll have a much clearer idea of your starting point.