Runescape : Lost City of the Elves Opens Its Gates

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:15:33 Views: 277

Runescape players can now enter the entire Lost City of the Elves, Prifddinas. The city first opened its gates in September and with the latest update, the entire city is available for player exploration.RuneScape gold. Prifddinas specifically caters to the high level Runescape player community with several features that can only be found here.

Clan Ithell allows players to unlock the ancient art of crystal singing in which songs enable the crafting of crystal tools -- with special skilling effects -- consumable teleport items, and attuned crystal weapons.

If you feel in need of something more physical, head around the corner to Clan Hefin where you can find a new agility course to test out your prowess and unlock new emotes and cosmetic outfits.

Intrepid adventurers can discover new dungeons at Clan Meilyr offering a range of skilling locations, monsters to fight and rewards to discover.

Next comes Clan Amlodd which has a new summoning familiar for players to create, which grants a number of upgrades to the divination skill. The clan also has new rewards for the popular pastime -- impling catching.

Finally, the Voice of Seren, the living heart of the city, is now fully active, giving two clan houses boosted training opportunities. However, it's up to players to work out which two houses are blessed in this way at any given time.