Runescape : Holly & Hawthorn Announced

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:51:42 Views: 290

The RuneScape dev team has announced the Easter content players can explore in the coming week. Called "Holly & Hawthorn", players are charged with recovering the 'baton of seasons' so that the Queen of Snow can hand it over to the Queen of Sunshine to usher in the change of seasons.

Players must commune with the elements and track down the 'year baton' to prevent RuneScape from being trapped in winter forever.RuneScape gold. While players complete the holiday quest they will also be able to join forces and side with either winter or spring by chopping down seasonal trees. Free-players will be able to fell holly trees to help bring in springtime, while members have the additional choice of chopping down hawthorn trees to side with winter. The Season Tree will keep track of how things are going, and the Land of Holly and Hawthorn will sway between the seasons based on how many of each tree is cut down.