Runescape : Gold Farming Wealth Injection Plummets

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:38:31 Views: 470
Jagex has announced that since the arrival of the ""Bonds"" system in RuneScape, the amount of wealth injected into the game is economy via gold farmers has dropped almost 81%. ""Dishonest gold farming has had a detrimental effect on the online gaming space since its inception, and Jagex has worked tirelessly to limit the scope and consequence this activity has had on RuneScape over many years,"" said Riaan Hodgson, Chief Operations Officer at Jagex. Hodgson continued, ""While we anticipated that the launch of Bonds would impact the flow of illegal wealth into the game, we are thrilled the initiative has resulted in such a strong and immediate impact. This action lays the foundations for RuneScape to continue going from strength to strength in its second successful decade!""