Runescape : Dungeons of Daemonheim Now Live

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:15:33 Views: 292

Dungeons of Daemonheim, the latest expansion to RuneScape, is now live. Daemonheim features a new skill called Dungeoneering which is available to both members and free players, and allows players to gain access to Daemonheim castle, which is made up of 35 underground floors.RuneScape gold. Once inside Daemonheim castle, players can team up with up to five others to tackle each floor, which is made up of randomly generated rooms that scale to the skill level and abilities of the players entering it.

A Live Dungeoneering Q&A was held today, so if you have any questions regarding the new skill, be sure to check out this thread where you may find some answers!