Runescape : Dev Diary: Reviving an Old Quest Series

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:22:30 Views: 314

The folks at Runscape have posted a new developer diary which talks about reviving an old quest line, specifically the next dwarf quest.

Welcome, O seekers of development truth! I'm Mod John A, RuneScape Content Developer, and in this diary I'll be taking you through the development of a new quest.

My last major quest project was the goblin quest series, which reached its conclusion recently with The Chosen Commander, leaving me free to work on another series. RuneScape has several storylines that have yet to be concluded, and I've been given one of them. I can now reveal that I will be working on - drum roll, please - the next dwarf quest!

I can't give you any details about the next dwarf quest yet, because right now there aren't any details.RuneScape gold. I'm at the very start of the development process, and nothing has been decided yet. It's a very exciting place to be, but it's also daunting. I'm confronted with a blank page, and there are so many different things that I could write there that I don't know which one to pick.