Runescape : Betrayal at Falador Book Review

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:38:31 Views: 420
Books based on popular MMOs are nothing new but seem to be a growing trend lately. With the rich lore and terrific stories in-game, it is no surprise that players and fans want to see books that flesh out the stories even more. In a new review of an older, re-released book for, Bobby Travis takes a look at 2008 is Betrayal at Falador by T.S. Church. The book is based on the RuneScape universe. Check out Bobby is review and then leave us a comment or two below. Betrayal at Falador is the first in an upcoming series of RuneScape novels. You might remember it from its limited hardcover run back in 2008, which was only available online. Since then, the author, T.S. Church, has gotten a publishing deal with Titan Books, and Betrayal at Falador has been re-edited, tightened up, and released to the world at large in paperback. You can pick it up online or at most major bookstores.