Runescape : April Plans

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:15:33 Views: 295

The Runescape site has been updated with information about what players can expect as April rolls out. New guild support, a reworked death mechanic, an Easter event and a royal wedding will be added to the game in April. Devs have laid out all of the plans in an informative dev diary.

    Death Penalty
    Dying in RuneScape will become slightly less painful later this month as we introduce the concept of Limbo.RuneScape gold.If you die in any unsafe, non-PVP area, you will be prompted to choose which items you retain (following the existing rules for how many items you keep on death); also, certain types of items will always be kept on death – most notably coins, but also most quest-specific items and common, low-value items such as tinderboxes, fishing rods and the like.