Ring In the New Year with Jagex

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:40:03 Views: 394

We're just going to let the RuneScape dev team say it in their own words: To pop the cork on the all-year celebration of RuneScape's 10th anniversary, Jagex Game Studio is hosting a 24-hour challenge for one brave (and well rested) RuneScape moderator, to celebrate the ringing of 2012 with RuneScape players across the globe.
With each of the 39 strokes of midnight, occurring in the 39 time zones across the world, players will be alerted to the moderator's in-game location through Facebook, Twitter, and in-game, that they can seek him out and join in these once a year festivities. RuneScape gold.

Using the hashtag "#RS24" on Twitter, players can join in the conversation, keep track of his progress, and connect with fellow players as he celebrates the coming of 2012 with RuneScape players the world round.

Have a happy holiday season, and looking forward to capping RuneScape's 10th anniversary with global count downs to the New Year! 10…9…8…7…(repeat 39x)