PvP Worlds Up and Running

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:41:52 Views: 569

The folks at RuneScape have announced the arrival of PvP worlds to their game.

    PvP worlds have arrived! Are you ready to pit your combat skills against other players in the halls of the White Knights' Castle? Are you prepared to fight to the death in the fields of Lumbridge? RuneScape gold. Well, now is your chance.

    To get started, load up the game like normal (click here to read about the changes to the log-in system we've also released today), and then choose 'World Select' on the title screen. Then pick a world which has a tick in the 'skull' column to choose a PvP world. To avoid nasty accidents, if you let the game choose a world for you automatically it will never select a PvP world. Also note that you require a Combat level of at least 20 (not including Summoning) to get into a PvP world.

    Before you are logged in, you will be warned that you are entering a PvP world which is a dangerous place: you will lose your items on death and you will not get a gravestone. Upon entering the world for the first time, you'll be teleported to Lumbridge and given a manual to explain the finer points of PvP worlds.

    Here's a quick run-down of the features:

    * Fight players (within your level range) anywhere on the map, except in a few safe areas.
    * Safe areas include banks, respawn points and some guilds.
    * Level ranges are 10% of your Combat level, plus 5 levels. If you are fighting inside the Wilderness, the Wilderness level is added to this total. Your current attack range is shown on your screen at all times. (The 10% is measured from the higher of the two combatants' levels.)
    * Skulling is back – same rules apply. If you initiate combat, you are skulled and on death you will lose all items, with the Protect Item prayer saving one item as normal.
    * Teleport Block is back in the normal spellbook.
    * Some minigames are available to play, others are not – please see the Game Guide for more details.
    * Death drops are back – new rules apply. Drops will be a mixture of items from the defeated opponent’s inventory and items from drop tables specific to PvP worlds. See below for details.