POE 3.3 Builds For Fjthebeast Nebuloch Chieftain Molten Strike

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This make is actually an incredibly solid establish for virtually all of game information and excels at killing bosses. It has a quite inexpensive introductory price, only really requiring the Nebuloch mace and Wildfire jewels, and might scale incredibly nicely together with the much more gear investments that you make, offensively at the same time as defensively. 

POE 3.3 Builds For Fjthebeast Nebuloch Chieftain Molten Strike


Had 8 Endurance Costs (9 with belt corruption now):

3 base Endurance expenses

2from 2 Kaom's Way rings

3 from path passive skill tree

With all the regen per Endurance charge per seconde from the two rings (0.4% lifestyle regen per EC * two), from the passive talent tree (0.2% life regen per EC) and in the Chieftain ascendancy (0.5% lifestyle regen per EC), from your boot enchant (2%), the amulet (one.5%, no a lot more working with it) as well as Pantheon process (as much as 2%, + refuced harm above time taken), I'm capable to compensate the degen utilized by Nebuloch without the need of using Purity of Fire or even a Ruby Flask.



3.3 Changes:

- Make an effort to get an attack velocity corruption on your major hand weapon, along with a possibility to gain Onslaught on the kill in your off hand

- Belts no a lot more get +1 endurance charge. You'll be able to get it now on boots. So when you have sufficient regen with out the boot enchant, get Kaom's roots with +1 EC.

- Endurance charge on melee stun help received a buff (+4% a lot more injury per EC instead of 3%). It could possibly be greater than Physical projectile attack damage assistance, so do some testing on PoB and decide that is finest to your current setup.

- Cold snap now consumes frenzy expenses in place of power fees. So utilizing Ralakesh's impatience may be now more rapidly than Brinerot+Voll's devotion in producing endurance charges for significant fights



Pros and Cons:

+ Really sturdy boss and single target killer

+ Very tanky

+ Reduced entry price

+ Great clear pace

+ All content finished

- Can not do maps without any leech and no regen combine



Skill Gems:

- Molten Strike : which includes a melee part and also a projectile part. This is our primary ability, employed for mapping and boss killing. This ability converts 60% of our melee bodily injury to fire injury. The remaining physical harm is converted to fire with the chieftain ascendency. By doing this, we are able to focus on rising our fire damage.

- Leap slam : for mobility and also to apply to fortify.

- Vaal lightning trap (naw i replaced it with Lightning golem) : to shock enemies and make them take a lot more injury (applied especially on bosses or strongboxes, breaches, abysses …). Replaced this with lightning golem for extra assault pace

- Ancestral protector : grants us a extra attack velocity buff when up

- Blood rage : for frenzy charge generation and attack velocity boost

- Enduring Cry : for endurance charge generation if not feasible with other usually means and lifestyle regen


And 3 keystones:

- Resolute system to get a 100% hit likelihood

- Iron Grip for applying our power bonuses to projectiles from the molten strike

- Level Blank to gain one more much more multiplier on the projectiles





- Molten strike: because it converts 50% of our bodily harm to fire injury, thus providing as by using a complete bodily to fire conversion (no will need for avatar of fire or xoph’s blood)

- Nebuloch: because it presents a source of endurance charge generation at the same time as daily life regeneration primarily based about the number of our endurance costs, hence countring the degen brought on by Nebuloch

- Fire injury themed create: the chieftain has many fire injury boosts, like covering enemies in ashes, raising fire injury per endurance charge and gaining a percentage of physical harm as added fire injury. It also presents fire resistance and life leech from fire damage




These may differ depending on the map or boss we're going to face. Handy Pantheons for your build:● Soul of Arakali - To increase our Lifestyle Recovery Price (improve all)

- Soul of Tukohama - For when sitting stationary towards Guardians or Shaper (improve for lifestyle regen)

- Soul of Shakari- For chaos damage reduction (upgrade for poison immunity)




- Usual Elder : deathess

- Red Elder / very first time for me : deathless (beneath 2 minute for every boss fight)

- Shaper Guardians (very first time ever):

* Minotaur : extremely straightforward

* Chimera : very simple

* Hydra : pretty simple

* Phoenix : had some troubles at the outset but following realizing the battle mecanics it grew to become a medium fight)

- Shaper : carried out. You just need a fantastic world wide web connection and comprehending of your fight.

- Uber Elder (with updated develop : loreweave + abyssus) : completed :D I needed to borrow another laptop for this battle because mine can not take care of this kind of fights xD

- Uber Atziri : done. straightforward. consider antireflect pantheon along with your superior.




All these are with old gear, damage, speed, and mitigation are way better now :)

T15 Carcass boss :



T12 Necropolis cursed boss


T13 Double Boss Core map Slam


Mapping (Xoph's domain)



T11 Double Boss Lair map



T12 Torture Chamber map Boss



Pob Hyperlink:https://pastebin.com/yE0Hqr6k

Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y7e9f5s5

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