Play the Modern Game Old Style

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:38:02 Views: 597

Thanks to Legacy mode, RuneScape players can now enjoy the modern, updated game with traditional combat. RuneScape gold. Legacy mode was developed in direct conjunction with player feedback and is a feature that can be toggled on or off according to a player's wishes.
With Legacy mode enabled, players can expect:

        No abilities, with auto-attack damage scaled up
        Pre-RuneScape 3-style interfaces, both resizable and fixed
        Old-style combat animations and stances
        Old-style minimap icons
        Health and damage visually scaled down (e.g. 9900 life points in Evolution of Combat becomes 990 in Legacy)

Find out more about Legacy mode on the RuneScape site. You can also check out the trio of videos below to find out more about Legacy mode and the changes that have been implemented in recent months.