More Answers from the Devs

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A month ago the folks at Runescape called on the community for their questions and feedback about the game. Now they've posted the latest round of responses to those questions.

    Q) Dark armor14 - Are you planning on making any more changes to Summoning? I would really like to see more popular combat places like the lesser pit in Karamja Volcano, Brimhaven Dungeon and other single-way combat areas open to familiars, as I feel the combat aspect of the skill is grossly neglected.

    A) Paul - I'd also love to see the combat familiars able to be used in more areas. Allowing familiars to fight in a single-way area has some technical difficulties, though. Switching some areas from single-way combat to multicombat is a possibility, but would have a bunch of other gameplay side-effects such as making the areas more dangerous.RuneScape gold.

   Since Summoning, most of the new monster training areas are multicombat training areas that are suitable for bringing familiars. We plan to continue in this vein and add more such training areas.

    Mod Mark – That will also include adding new and interesting ways of getting charms, like the recent Soul Wars minigame.

    Q) Acejesse13 - Most of the skills end at lower levels than 99, and there is not really any point to raise them any higher.

    A) Paul - We do plan to fill in the gaps for higher level skills over time

    Mod Mark – Paul's right – we all dream of a day where every time I go up a level I get something new and exciting I can do, rather than just doing something better.