Letting Players Call the Shots

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:40:03 Views: 566

The Runescape team has let its players know that they are in charge of the soon to be released game update. RuneScape gold. A referendum has been posted for players to vote as to whether or not The Wilderness and Free Trade should be returned to the game. It's an unprecedented opportunity for players to guide the future of the game.


About Free Trade:

        Unrestricted Free Trade between players
        Unlimited staking in the Duel Arena
        The Grand Exchange would remain, but with the lower and upper price limits removed
        Party Room drop restrictions removed
        Item Lending still available
        Assist System still available
        LootShare and CoinShare still available

    About the Wilderness:

        The Wilderness becomes a rather dangerous area again and players can kill each other for their items
        PVP, Bounty and Bounty +1 Worlds removed (game mechanics may be re-used in the future)
        New objects that affect combat will be analysed on an individual basis
        Gravestones would still be used outside of the Wilderness
        Various PVP items and gear will still be available and won't become 'rares'
        Revenants patrolling the Wilderness will be relocated
        Content located in the Wilderness area reviewed as follows:
            Quests (e.g. Spirit of Summer) and Activities (e.g. Clan Wars) would be relocated
            Other content (e.g. Treasure Trails, the Beacon Network and D&Ds) would be looked at on a case-by-case basis