Lead Designer Mark Ogilvie Interview

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:36:09 Views: 361

Mark Ogilvie: Having a classless system within the game means we can offer a player real choices rather than forcing actions on the player based on an arbitrary decision they made some time in the past. Saying "we have a rich variety of gameplay content" is an easy thing to say, but when you look at lots of other products out there, you have to create a multitude of characters to experience it all. RuneScape gold. That's something we don't do in RuneScape. That means that, so long as you have the skill levels, you can do anything you like.

In terms of technology, we have the same approach to accessibility and have entire departments dedicated to making the experience as high quality as possible, irrelevant of the specs of your computer.

Our release strategy means that players are receiving new content almost every week, ensuring that there is always something new to engage players.