Jukebox Heroes: RuneScape is soundtrack

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 14:50:38 Views: 309
How much music does the average MMO contain? It depends, of course, but I doubt that many games are able to reach the number that RuneScape does. Are you ready for it? It is 982 tracks. I am dead serious. It is not just that RuneScape has been out since the beginning of the internet but that the team continues to add new music regularly. It is really insane -- just check out this list of updates. What is even neater is that RuneScape treats its music as unlockable content, just like other types of rewards. So while you start out with 70 or so tracks in your in-game music player, you well have to go to certain places or perform certain feats to get the rest. Why have I never heard of this before? That is brilliant! So obviously, even if I had all 982 tracks on my computer (which I do not), I am not going to take a week off of work to review them all for you. I love you, but that love has limits. Instead, I have listened to perhaps a tenth of that (including the new stuff by Composer James Hannigan) and chosen a few tracks to share that I feel exemplify this MMO is score.