[GUIDE] How to move quickly in Lost Ark, from horse to ocean liner

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Over the years, the world of Lost Ark has grown enormously, offering continents relatively far apart. Fortunately, exploring Archesia may be a daunting task, but various means of transport are at our disposal.

Let's see what's on the Lost Ark discount without further ado!

[GUIDE] How to move quickly in Lost Ark, from horse to ocean liner



Mounts, this great classic of fantasy worlds!

This is the basis of the basics. The mounts accompany us on our adventures and allow us to cross-medium distances quickly! Lost Ark has a proud set of strong-legged nags, and you'll be able to get yours shortly after level 12; the series of quests taking place in Boiscolline will then allow you to choose a horse.

As your adventures progress, you can unlock other mounts, but this one will already allow you to cover respectable distances and improvement at a good pace. Moreover, the various Founders packs in the game will enable you to acquire the most original mounts!



The ocean liners, because the sea is so vast

The continents of Archesia are connected by an ingenious system of liners, which allow you to travel long distances quickly and safely.

Note, however, that you will need to have previously visited the destination continent; otherwise, its port will be closed to you. Once the destination has been selected from the corresponding NPC and the required sum has been paid, you will quickly be transferred overseas!



The bifrost, for those in a hurry.

And if you don't have time for anything, what could be simpler than teleportation? This is what the bifrost feature offers, which can be unlocked after completing the quest At sea.

The idea is to be able to save certain places, preferably that you visit quite often so that you can then go there with a simple click. Accessible via the Alt+Z shortcut, the bifrost menu will then allow you to choose your saved destination. However, plan for a two-hour cool down before you can teleport there again.

You can save up to six favorite destinations, so be strategic with your choices!

Of course, you will need to unlock these new bifrost locations, which will take some effort. For this, you will need the aptly named "Bifrost Key"; also, note that your number of slots is linked to the account, which will give a little more mobility to your possible rerolls.



Triport is simple and efficient

Still, in the category of teleportation, you will find the Triports very useful! These beacons are usually found in town, camps, and near dungeons: don't forget to click on them to activate them! Once this is done, a simple click from the map will allow you to teleport there for a few coins. Very practical after a long ride is doing quests and then returning them!


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