February Brings a Heist, a Wildywyrm and Demon Flash Mobs

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:41:52 Views: 411

Runescape has plans galore for February, among them, a new  intermediate-level quest (requiring level 30 Thieving and Agility) that sees Zamorak and his most elite crew trying to steal the Stone of Jas from the clutches of the master of shadows, Sliske.

In addition to that, the infamous Wildywyrm is back, this time for good. Accompanied by a posse of lava strykewyrms, this large beastie will offer players new ashes (which mean the best Prayer XP) and upgrades for the Abyssal Whip, Staff of Light and Dark Bow. RuneScape gold. Players will enjoy new-and-improved Demon Flash Mobs with new drops that include summoning materials used in three level 82 pouches and tradeable titles: 'The Frostborn', 'The Glorious' and 'Executioner'.

Finally, players will be able to unlock new emotes, costumes and weapons with a "lovey-dovey feel or a dark, bitter tinge," and will enjoy a Double XP weekend and the GameBlast15 event.