Eastern Lands Expansions Brings Private Procedurally Generated Islands for Players to Own

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:41:52 Views: 417

Have you ever wanted your own private island? A nice little getaway from the world perhaps? Or something more like a tropical paradise.

If you play Runescape, you're that much closer to having one all of your own. The Eastern Lands are a vast new area with millions of procedurally generated islands in uncharted seas. Players asked for a new archipelago, this is what came from that. The vast stretch of exotic islands can be seen here:

In the new land and sea area, if players brave the uncharted and merciless seas, they can lay claim to one of the procedurally generated islands. RuneScape gold. For geography fanatics, look to Polynesia for the inspiration of the Eastern Lands.

This new content addition was a player driven decision. Over 100,000 Runescape players voted in this, the latest of the player chances to decide content concepts that will be realized for the game.

"RuneScape's world of adventures never stands still and, 15 years on, RuneScape continues to deliver cutting-edge content thanks to our awesome community who we empower to decide on key new content to bring to the game. This year, our players have drive our biggest content update, the first steps towards an entirely new continent. - the Polynesian inspired Eastern Lands. Its release marks a new chapter in RuneScape's epic story, and we couldn't have got here without their support, feedback and passion." - Dave Osborne, Lead Designer.

The Islands of Whale's Maw and Aminishi, the first islands on the western edge of the new area are now discover-able. These islands have indigenous peoples who have never heard of your player adventures and gamers will have to start anew to build up their wealth and notoriety. Long term player or new, it's all a level playing field now. More of these islands will become discover-able as the continent continues to expand.