Death to the Dorgeshuun!

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:36:09 Views: 598

Since the Lost Tribe quest many humans have visited the Dorgeshuun mines, but no cave goblin has yet had a tour of the surface. The Dorgeshuun Council fears that the H.A.M. group may be planning another attack, and want to send an agent to the surface to investigate, and they are looking for an adventurer to act as a guide. RuneScape gold. Introduce your new Dorgeshuun friend to Lumbridge's residents, silently take out guards, and foil those planning to bring Death to the Dorgeshuun!

If you can save the city you will be rewarded with some Thieving and Ranging XP, and the Dorgeshuun will show you how to use the special attacks of two of their more advanced weapons. You will also gain access to a new level of the H.A.M. cave where you can steal larger rewards.

In other news...

The mighty Guthix has decreed that the time has come for his tears to give Construction xp to adventurers for whom it is their lowest skill, but only if they own a house.