Deadman Mode Brings PvP Survival Mode to Old School

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:38:02 Views: 331

Old School Runescape has a new PvP mode for players to check out in the form of Deadman Mode, an intense survival of the fittest battle to the finish. RuneScape gold.Three of the Old School servers will feature world-enabled PvP where death has some serious consequences.

Dying to a player or monster when marked by a PK skull will result in the loss of the 28 most valuable stacks of items from the bank, all items carried in inventory and half of the experience gained in unprotected skills. Dying to a monster without a PK skull and without having been damaged by another player will see the loss of all but the three most valuable items in inventory.

Accessing the bank items isn't a walk in the park either. Killers will receive a key that will unlock a chest with these items but it will be located in 'safe areas' that cannot be accessed until the PK skull expires, a total of 30 minutes of survival in the open world.

The blog also details other interesting aspects of the no-holds barred battle system including:

  • safe deposit boxes
  • accelerated progression
  • mules
  • minigames
  • bloodmoney