Clan Celebration Month

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:36:09 Views: 337

The RuneScape dev team has announced that the official Clan Celebration Month is now in full swing through April 3rd. RuneScape gold. Devs are promising a month full of adventures to highlight the best aspects of the clan system and to shine the spotlight on the large variety of clans within RuneScape. In addition, devs have announced that the next bonus XP weekend will commence on March 11th.

"A huge proportion of our players are members of in-game clans and these play a huge role within the RuneScape community," said Paul Mayer, RuneScape Community Manager at Jagex. "Some of our larger clans have more than 4000 members so it's really exciting that we can focus an entire month celebrating them. For those in the community who are not already a member of a clan or who want to find out what clans are all about, then this is the perfect time to do start!"