$10k PvP Tournament Announced for Old School Server

Runescape3gold Date: May/18/17 15:36:09 Views: 330

Jagex Game Studio has announced a debut competitive tournament for Old School RuneScape to take place  24th - 26th July. It will have three different game modes: King of the Hill, First to X kills, and Last Team Standing. RuneScape gold. Aside from the tournament, the game will also get two new slayer bosses and PvP mode: Deadman. 

"This summer, we can't wait to adapt Old School RuneScape for the eSports community and watch teams battle their way to victory in this inaugural $10,000 competitive tournament," said Mathew Kemp, product manager on the game. "We're also looking forward to seeing how players tackle the unrelenting challenge of Deadman Mode later in the summer, as well as seeing how they shape up against the two new slayer boss monsters."